The IEF aims at supporting the development of the Messianic Jewish and Evangelical Arab body in Israel; and through the land of Israel enriching the lives of Christians worldwide. Here are some of the things we do:


Enriching the lives of Christians worldwide

  • Currently, we organize a pilgrimage tour every second year of the Holy Land. This is an introductory tour aimed primarily at those who have never been in the land. The next tour is scheduled for November 2024.
  • We are producing an eBooklet called ‘Through the Eyes’ written by John Sode-Woodhead, explaining the development of the Messianic and Evangelical movement in Israel through his own personal experience of growing up in Israel.
  • Work has already began on a teaching Video project that will focus on bring the scriptures alive within their historical and geographical locations. This will be 12 episodes focusing on 10 difference Biblical Characters who lived in modern day Israel. Once completed, this project will be available to church groups and study groups to use world wide.
  • In addition we plan to develop tours and study groups for those who have been to the land and for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of it, or even to focus on specific topics.
  • John has taught in churches and at conferences, on the historical geography and archaeology of the Bible and on today’s church in Israel. We are able to provide speakers on a number of topics to do with the land.
  • In the future we hope to provide online courses; two weeks to three months courses that we are partnering on with the NCMI; and volunteering opportunities with various partners.


Supporting the growth of the Body in Israel

  • Supporting the development of professionalism and academia. John is currently engaged in developing a vision and network that includes marketplace, health and education professionals.
  • We sponsored the translation of Dr Makram Misherky’s PhD on Jesus in early Muslim literature and are planning on developing this into a tool for Christians to understand another dimension of Islam.
  • We provide counselling support for leaders on the verge of burnout.
  • We are also supporting the work of John with NCMI and it’s partner ministries including the Bet Eliyahu Congregation in Haifa, the Immanuel Church in Tel Aviv, the Ebenezer Home for the Elderly, and the Caspari Centre for Jewish Studies. First Israel discipleship school. IEF has received donations for these ministries, particularly for the Ebenezer Home.