Who We Are

IEF is made up of a board of Trustees, a small number of employees and volunteers. Each board member is committed to an aspect of the work we do. John Sode-Woodhead is our CEO and Gwen Gashaw is our Support Development Manager.

John in Israel

John Sode-Woodhead


John was born and raised in Tiberias and Nazareth, in Israel. His parents, who were from Denmark and Scotland, served for over forty years in Israel amongst both Jews and Arabs. John has lived his life in Israel on the interface between both communities. He grew up in Arab Nazareth and went to a Jewish school. Later he studied archaeology at the Universities of Edinburgh and Tel Aviv and led some important excavations. While at the University of Tel Aviv in the 1980s, he founded the FCSI (Fellowship of Christian Student in Israel), which includes Arab, Messianic Jewish, and international students, and is affiliated to the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). This experience of joining in unity through the forgiveness of Yeshua, became a hallmark for many of the students, who are now in positions of leadership in Israel’s society.

John has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and has recently become a licensed tour guide through the University of Haifa.

Following his marriage, John spent twenty years in Edinburgh. He became father of two daughters. During these years John served in various positions at the University of Edinburgh in administration, as well as being engaged in the IEF-International and the CIFA (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists), where, amongst other positions he served as Chair for Scotland, and Vice-Chair for the UK. In 2016 John returned to Israel with IEF-International to serve through NCMI external link. John is now working as a free lance tour guide in Israel that supports his ministry and IEF work.

Gashaws with John

Gwen Gashaw

Support Development Manager

Gwen is a native Scot with a heart for the nations. She has spent many years serving with a ministry based in Cyprus. Growing up in a missionary family, her heart has expanded throughout the years to love people and travelling. Gwen is married to Fasil (an Ethiopian Jew who served as a Pastor in Bet Abraham Messianic Congregation, Addis Ababa) and they have a son.

Gwen has a BA Theology from ICC, Glasgow. She joined our team in 2021 and is excited to play her part to see the Body of believers in Israel and the nations enter their destiny.

IEF Board of Trustees
Harry in Israel

Harry Robertson

Acting Chairman/Treasurer
Angus in Israel

Angus Jamieson

Board Member
Matt in Israel

Matthais Kaegi

Board Advisor