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IEF Israel tour 2024
John Sode-Woodhead

John Sode-Woodhead

Biblical Archaeologist and Licenced Tour Guide


About the tour

Join the annual IEF International on this 8 day fully-guided tour of the land of the Bible from Saturday 2nd – Sunday 10th November 2024!

The IEF DISCOVER ISRAEL TOUR is a unique blend of archaeological insight, Biblical sites and Israel’s beautiful culture. Each year the tour is freshly designed so that the travellers sees new places each year. As a biblical archaeologist and licensed tour guide who has spent much of his life in Israel, John will lead you on an journey you will never forget.

Gwen Gashaw

Support Development Manager

Harry Roberston

IEF Treasurer

More about the tour

Overall, the tour was very well organized, very inspiring and intensive. The way the route, the overnights
and the sites were planned, brought a maximum of learning in the available time. The balance between
historic and nature parks was wise - it catered to different ways of soul and mind.

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