As a Christian Charity with a heart for education and discipleship, we partner with established Israeli and international organisations.

Our Key objectives are:

  • Development of professionalism and academia in Israel
  • Using the best of Israel for the development of the Church in Scotland and other partner countries
  • Partnering with the NCMI Discipleship School in Israel
  • Bridge building between the peoples of Israel
  • Supporting ministries and people engaged in Kingdom Building in Israel
  • Research into the Land of the Bible

As IEF believes that the Jews are God’s chosen people and continue to have a calling from Him. We desire to see individuals and organisations grow in their understanding of what God’s plan is for Israel. We believe that all the ethnic groups in Israel, whether Jew, Arab, or any other nationality, who have accepted ‘Yeshua the Messiah’ as the Lord and Saviour, are part of His body.

  1. IEF works amongst all the ethnic groups in Israel no matter their identities. 
  2. IEF is committed to serving Messianic Jews, Evangelical Believers, and with them all ethnic groups in Israeli society. 
  3. IEF is committed to Kingdom Building in Israel through outreach and the building of discipleship.
  4. IEF is committed to bridge building, in a land with deep divisions. 
  5. IEF wants to be engaged with people, by people and for people.

IEF began in 2009 as a network of Messianic Jewish, Evangelical Arab and International education institutions in Israel. In 2013, IEF International, the Scottish registered charity, broadened its vision and is today also working with academia and professional networks. IEF-International’s objective is the building of God’s Kingdom in and through Israel. It does so through in partnership with Israeli professionals, networks, and organisations. IEF International partners in training, support, and reconciliation activities. John Sode-Woodhead is our CEO and served NCMI as their Israel Director for a number of years.