IEF Israel tour 2024

IEF International partners with Immanuel tours to ensure your safety. Israel welcomes 4 million visitors a year with no major incidents. In addition, with Immanuel Tours, we make every effort to take extra measures in ensuring your safety.

For most countries, a passport is enough as they issue a visa upon arrival. The visa you are issued is a small piece of paper, you will need to keep this handy as some hotels require this when checking in.  Please review the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for complete information.

Israel’s currency is the Shekel (ILS or NIS). USD can often be accepted at major tourist areas. You can exchange GB pounds, Euros or USD at the airport, banks, foreign exchange places in some hotels or withdraw money from an ATM. Visa and Mastercard are also widely accepted. 

Absolutely! The water is completely safe and passes very strict regulations. You can also buy bottled water, however it is safe from the tap.

There are no travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Please check the Tourist Israel  website for information about travel in Israel.

We will be monitoring the impact of travel to Israel throughout the year and will take appropriate measures as thing progress.

Israel has two seasons, summer and winter. Our trip is at the end of summer. Overall, you can expect very pleasant weather in November and perhaps a light occasional sprinkle of rain.

Israel is dresses just like in the west. Normal comfortable casual clothing is appropriate for sight seeing. We do recommend good comfortable shoes for walking, hat/sunglasses for protection, your swim suit! There might be some sites that require more modest clothing, covering your knees and shoulders. 

We strongly recommend everyone to have their own travel insurance as we do not cover you or your items. 

Israel is two hours ahead of the UK, one hour ahead of the EU.

Any tourist who purchases items valuing more than $100 USD (including VAT) from a participating shop can claim the VAT refund. There will be a special sign displayed in the shop! 

To get the refund you need the receipt with a list of all the items you have bought and the purchaser. At the airport, you need to go to the change place with the item and the receipt to process it.

Additional information about VAT refunds is available here.

When you are paying for lunch or a service, it is normal to give a 15% tip. 

It goes without saying that a trip to Israel is a memorable experience.  To actually set foot in the places where Jesus
walked is just awe-inspiring and really brings the Bible to life.  As well as having a good Israeli guide we had some
very evocative descriptions of Biblical scenes from John himself, really bringing history alive through archaeology.
Add to that the great companionship between the different tour members and the wonderful hospitality and food,
and you have an unforgettable holiday!