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In partnership with NCMI, we are developing discipleship training programmes for professionals, networking within education, supporting ministers and ministries, equipping the body of believers with an understanding of God’s heart for Israel. We work amongst, Messianic Jews, Evangelical Believers and all peoples no matter their identities.

IEF International is engaged with people, by people and for people.


Establishing a network amongst believing senior educators
Starting a new Theology and Arab study group
Beginning marketplace ministry discipleship group

IN 2022, WE HOPE…

To take you to Israel on our bi-annual Israel Tour
Establish specialist Marketplace ministry trips to Israel


A team of believers who love all Israeli people groups. We are passionate to share the love of God and see people educated to understand the heart of God for this people group.


We believe that God has a purpose for His Body in Israel, whether Jew, Arab or Gentile. We believe that God is calling on them to be a light for Him in the nations. We also believe that God is calling on us to partner with His Body in Israel in our common worldwide mission.


Your time and donation can help us develop further this work. We are looking for passionate people to join our groups, please contact for more details on how you can be involved.

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EH4 2HJ, Scotland UK

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